Phone Number (250) 372-1336
Fax Number (250) 372-0393
Staff Emails
Executive Director: Erin Gardner
Operations Lead: Colleen Sherwood
Finance Lead: Adam Shatula
Data & Finance Coordinator: Naomi Vander Linden
Clinical Care Lead: Shelby Willson
Clinical Development Lead: Ashley Mulligan
Fund Development Lead: Sarah Irvine
Marketing, Social Media & Events Coordinator: Valerie Amakulor
Grief Support: Carol Weich
Patient & Family Liaison: Pamela Young
Children’s Services Coordinator: Dallas Shirley
Employee Relations Lead: Amanda Robinson
Volunteer Coordinator: Ashley DiGeso
Manager – Flutter Buys Thrift Store: Demetra Koutsopodiotis

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Facing the journey towards end-of-life care can be overwhelming, but you don't have to navigate it alone. Our dedicated team at Kamloops Hospice is here to provide unwavering support, comfort, and guidance to both patients and their families.

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