Questions You May Have

  • Q. What shall I bring when I come into the Hospice Home?
  • A. Please bring your personal toiletries, denture container, dressing gown, slippers, razor and any other personal items you may need.
    All current medications and your ‘Travelling Chart’ if you have one.
    Family pictures for your room.
    We do provide wheelchairs and walkers.
  • Q. Can I bring valuables?
  • A. It is requested you do not bring cash or valuables with you. If necessary we have do have a safe located in Administration. Kamloops Hospice cannot accept responsibility for valuables in your possession.
  • Q. Is Smoking allowed at the Hospice Home?
  • A. Smoking is not allowed inside the building. Our patients are allowed to smoke outside the building at least 3 metres from any door or window.
  • Q. What about Alcohol?
  • A. Patients are allowed alcohol in their rooms.
  • Q. Can I bring a computer into the Hospice Home?
  • A. Yes. We have wireless access for your convenience.
  • Q. Can I use a cell phone in Hospice?
  • A. Cell phones are allowed but request patients and family set ring tone to vibrate. Each patient room has a telephone with a direct line access. Local calls are free. If calling long distance we can accommodate calling cards – staff can assist with this.
  • Q. Can children come to visit?
  • A. Children are welcome at the Hospice Home. We have a wonderful children’s room equipped with toys, books, videos and games.
  • Q. Is there a cost to stay at the Hospice Home?
  • A. There is a nominal daily fee to stay at the Hospice. The staff would be happy to discuss this charge and payment options available with you.
  • Q. Are pets allowed in the Hospice House?
  • A. Well behaved pets are permitted to visit in the patient's room. 
  • Q. Where can I find further information on what to expect?
  • A. Kamloops Hospice Association has an extensive lending library located at the Hospice Home. A comprehensive selection of books, videos, and tapes are available covering all aspects of Hospice palliative care including information on grief and bereavement.

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