Hospice palliative care helps people with life-threatening and terminal illnesses live as comfortably and as fully as possible in a home-like setting. The focus is on caring, not curing; and on life not death. Hospice care also extends to friends and family members, helping them care for their loved one and to care for themselves during times of grief.

Hospice Community Visiting Program

This has been the foundation of our Hospice. Since 1981 we have been going out into the community providing support, respite care and companionship to palliative patients and their families.


Hospice has counsellors on staff who connect with patients and families that are in the Hospice Home. The counsellors also see clients in their office at the Hospice Home.

Casual Comfort Day Centre

The day program is offered to clients who are living at home with a life threatening illness  and who may be experiencing the daily challenges of their diagnosis, treatment and social isolation that arise from their illness.

Resource Library

Kamloops Hospice Association has an extensive lending library located at the Hospice Home. A comprehensive selection of books, videos, and tapes are available covering all aspects of Hospice palliative care including information on grief and bereavement.